100 Easy Easter Egg Decorating and Craft Ideas

As the Jews celebrate Passover and Christians celebrate Easter, this day marks the time when Jesus left his coffin and took a rebirth. Eggs are a symbol of life and birth. It spells out fertility. So incorporating them in our homes makes room for the new and bids goodbye to the old. It marks the birth of renewed vitality and zeal for life. Spring season accompanied with the exuberant festival of Easter infuses our life with sparkles of a new start.

Easter home decorations using eggs that are an emblem of renewed joy and prosperity

To spread the love and happiness of Easter decorate your homes with colorful eggs. Buy some adorable plastic eggs and tie them to a tree branch painted white. Hang these colorful eggs with ribbon and you have made yourself a very own egg plant. You can also put these vibrant colored eggs onto a desert stand and spread out some plastic leaves around it. Top it up with a stuffed bunny and you have made yourself a beautiful center piece this Easter. You can fill the eggs with jelly beans or candy hearts and surprise your kids. Give your eggs a personal twist with some Easter greetings and messages stuck on it. Read on further for more such innovative and interesting ideas.

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Baby Blue Bird Eggs Beaded Easter Eggs Beautiful Decoupage Bird Feeders Black and White Easter Eggs Botanical Easter Eggs Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs

Bunny and Chick Shakers Calligraphy Easter Eggs Candy-Filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks Chalkboard Easter Eggs Chicken Egg Family Chinese Marbled Tea Easter Eggs Chocolate Filled Easter Eggs Colorful Easter eggs decorated with tape Combine pastel tones with gold accents and seat at the table Crepe Paper Bunny Eggs Crepe Paper Wrapped Eggs Decorate the eggs with neon colors Decoupage Easter Eggs Decoupage Eggs DIY Easter Egg Mix & Match Sculptures DIY Glitter Block Easter Eggs Doily Easter Eggs Dot Design Easter Eggs Drying string balloons Dye Easter Eggs Easter Bunting with Plastic Eggs Easter Crafts to Brighten Any Home Easter Egg Bunnies Easter Egg Bunny Craft Easter Egg crafts and activities inspired by Jan Brett's The Easter Egg Easter Egg Crafts for Kids Easter Egg Hot Air Balloons Easter eggs in black and white Easter eggs in different colors Easter eggs white with rhinestones Easter Trading Hours Easy Easter Egg Crafts Easy Egg Necklaces Egg Crafts for Easter Electrical Tape Square Patterned Eggs Elegant and Artistic Easter Eggs Even without decoration looks delicious Ostereie Exquisitely Decorated Easter Eggs Fabric Covered Easter Eggs Feathered Easter Eggs Flowers and Easter eggs Cleaning Foil Covered Eggs Funny Easter Bunny Glitter Dipped Glitter Dot Easter Eggs Glitter Easter Eggs Glittery Sticker Easter Eggs Gold Leaf Metallic Eggs Golden Easter Eggs Gorgeous Polka Dot Easter Eggs Graphical Design Easter Eggs Making different animals out of socks Marbled Easter Eggs Marbleized Easter Eggs Melted Crayon Easter Eggs Mini Egg Shell Flower Arrangements Mod Podge Easter Egg Craft Mod Podge Easter Egg Decor More Natural Egg Dying Techniques Moss Covered Eggs Mustache Easter Eggs Mustache Eggs Natural Easter Eggs Ombre Easter Egg Crafts Ombre Easter Eggs Painted Easter Eggs Painterly Easter Eggs Painting Techniques infallible Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs Patterned Easter Eggs Photo Print Easter Eggs Plastic Easter Egg Crafts Flowers Points with glitter spray paint Quick & Easy DIY Speckled Easter Eggs Quilling Easter Egg Craft Ribbon and Ric Rack Eggs Ribbon Easter Eggs Ruffly Eggs Rustic Elegance Scrapbook Paper and Ribbon Eggs Sculpture Easter Eggs Shaving Easter Eggs Shiny Metallic Easter Eggs Silhouette Eggs Snorkeling Easter Eggs Sparkling Easter Eggs Sprinkle Easter Eggs Sticker Art Easter Eggs Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs Watercolor floral Easter eggs Watercolor Lettered Easter Eggs Wax and Dye Pysanky Eggs Wheat Grass Appliqués Wobble Egg Ninjas Yarn Wrapped Garland Yellow and orange to create the right atmosphere

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